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Billion US dollar, respectively, 069 million US dollar, 057 million US dollar. Before the capital increase, Tianjin Trust, Inner Mongolia, the king is, Wuhu high-tech buy Kraft box from offers cheap Kraft boxes were holding 48% of Celestica, 36%, 16% of the shares. After the capital increase, the stake of the three institutions 16.8% 15.6% 5.6% ant gold dress, Celestica fund wholesale Kraft box holding 51% and 11%. After completion of the capital increase, the registered capital of Celestica offers cheap Kraft boxes increased from 180 million US dollar to 514.3 million US dollar. Taizhong Fund Holdings did not take place In fact, ants gold dress Celestica fund shares, was seen as an important distribution Ali in the financial sector, but now, since the other shareholders of Celestica Fund's Inner Mongolia king is the delay contributed by protocol, so Celestica change of equity offers cheap Kraft boxes has been unable to make the trip. It is said that clothes overwhelmed ant gold manufactures custom Kraft boxes Nadu fund, intended to warn the king is not to obstruct the Inner Mongolia ant gold dress holding Celestica fund. Ant’s gold clothes in June 2013 on the line "Balance Boa", as partner of personal recycled kraft boxes with free shipping in United States Celestica fund also will became the country's largest Monetary Fund. Then ants gold dress requested Celestica fund shares, October 10, 2013, Celestica fund's second-largest shareholder - Inner Mongolia Jun is the announcement disclosed that the capital increase agreement reached ants gold dress and shareholders Celestica Fund. But when the parties to pay a capital increase, Inner Mongolia, the king is about to pay did not increase payments by lead ant gold dress has unsuccessfully Celestica fund shares, still waiting to be processed in state-owned assets management. In January 2015, it filed an application for arbitration ant gold clothes to US International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in Inner Mongolia the king is stipulated in the agreement to pay the money was invested 69.43 million US dollar. If the Inner Mongolia king is refusing to perform at the custom Kraft box of the agreement, the request to lift Inner Mongolia, the king is the right of capital and increase eligibility. Currently still pending arbitration. Celestica said people close to the fund said the fund