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Issue of tightening the Greek government cabinet fails a second time; EFSF to Greece confirmed on the 10th issued 4. 2 billion euros aid payments, and the remaining one billion euros to be determined. Overall, the external environment deteriorate due to the European debt crisis is still continuing, after the YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes volatility is still close to falling. From the positions of view, the four contracts total positions reached 75, 400 hands, the index once again hit a record high, a rough calculation of the settlement YBY Boxes is delivering cheap die cut boxes and margin ratio based on long and short of the four contracts total capital reached 21. 96 billion US dollar, this position once again reached a historical peak scale, showing long and short game of passion reached unprecedented levels. From the point of view of the current premium, closing spread is 6. 19 points, average daily spread of 7. 428 points, the attitude of both long and short and no significant transformation. Empty main square “boundless” From the top position, the 1205 contract positions in rankings were little changed before 20 bull Mansoura 176 lots to 30, 800 YBY Boxes provides customized printing with logo big Die Cut box with free shipping Hand, before 20 short Mansoura 185 lots to 37, 800 hand; but 1206 contract over the side of the main entrance rate lower than Large, medium Futures 1130 Opening stroke seat empty one hand, the short side of the main display for the trend in June are more confident. Insiders said that the short side main “enough”, which shows the YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes outlook will still have to suppress initiatives. Investor futures, said a technical perspective, the YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes yesterday to close out a shrinkage doge, although the medium-term trend is still up, but short-term 5 day moving average has been down, and there is the possibility Ischia 10 day moving average, short-term is still facing adjustment pressures. Overall, though still long trend continued on the medium-term trend, but the short-term face adjustment pressures. April import and export data significantly lower than expected, the YBY Boxes and Los Angeles 300 Index yesterday a narrow range, close doge, trading volume has been shrinking. IF1205 edged down 0. 08 percent, the futures YBY Boxes provides personalized die cut boxes Mansoura 3259 hands. Terms of arbitrage, and the first few days of this